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THE FAITH OF GOD (10/13/22): The most powerful 3 words we can ever pray are, “God, You said.” That posture in prayer grounds our faith and hope in the unchanging, all powerful word spoken by the mouth of God.

The Faith OF God - Oct 13, 2022Artist Name
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HIS PACE, HIS REST (10/6/22): The pace that Jesus walks is not determined by our emergency. Our needs do not have the authority to accelerate Jesus from the pace He is moving. We do well to allow Him to set our tempo and not the circumstances around us.

His Pace, His Rest - 6 Oct 2022Artist Name
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LITTLE BY LITTLE (9/29/22): “Little by little” the Lord was going to drive Israel’s enemies from the Promised Land. Before we are ready to inherit the promise, we have need of increase. Are you AS actively pursuing increase in whatever is lacking in you as you are the fulfillment of the promise?

Little By Little I Will Defeat Your Enemies - Sept 29, 2022Artist Name
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EFFECTIVE PRAYER MEETINGS (8/25/22): We don't just want to have prayer meetings, we want to have effective prayer meetings. A prayer does not work because it's powerful, a prayer is powerful because God answered it.

What Makes an Effective Prayer Meeting? - Aug 25, 2022Artist Name
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