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Not by Might, Nor by Power is the only authorized autobiographical series of Lonnie Frisbee, an evangelist, missionary, and the original “hippy preacher” of the early 1970s Jesus People Revival. These powerful books were co-authored by Lonnie's friend and our own founding pastor, Roger Sachs.

Prior to his death in 1993, Lonnie asked Roger to ghostwrite his life story. Together, they recorded hundreds of hours of audio and video testimonies to ensure that the stories of what God had done in Lonnie's life and the Jesus People Revival would be preserved for generations to come. The Not by Might, Nor by Power book series is the personal, compelling result of their collaboration, covering the life of this powerful minister of the gospel.


Pearl Chapel's connection to the Jesus People Revival of the 1970's is foundational to the NEW Jesus People we believe God is raising up in our day. These books will give insight into our spiritual heritage, help us learn from our father's mistakes, and move forward into the things that God has prepared for this generation.

All three books of the Not by Might, Nor by Power series can be purchased here.

This book is an incredible gift and comes at an important time. Anyone who ever knew Lonnie Frisbee will immediately be as deeply moved as I was to "hear" Lonnie's own voice. Those who never knew or heard Lonnie will “get it"- the power, authenticity, simplicity, passion, and humor of a simple, broken man who lived to hear and obey God's voice. This book is essential to understanding what we know as the Jesus movement.

Pastor Kenn Gulliksen, Founder of the Vineyard 

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