Our Gatherings

The Table

Join us every Thursday night for the Lord's Supper. We gather at 6pm around the table for a meal and communion followed by prayer and worship.

Sunday Mornings

Join us every Sunday morning at 10am for worship, fellowship, and teaching.

Catch a glimpse inside one of our Table gatherings on Thursday nights

Meet The Family


Roger & Roxanne Sachs

Roger Sachs is the founder and President of Freedom Crusade, a non profit/church organization involved in missions, church planting and media as well as the founding pastor of Pearl Chapel. Roger is the author of his testimonial book "Fire on the Mountain" and "Not by Might, Nor by Power ~The Jesus Revolution" by Lonnie Frisbee.


Roger oversees all aspects of our ministry while releasing, encouraging and supporting the team to do the assignment and call given to them by the Lord. Roger's heart is to fulfill The Great Commission.

As Vice President of Freedom Crusade and founding pastor of Pearl Chapel, Roxanne stewards the vision of Pearl Chapel given to her by the Lord as a prophetic intercessor, artist, and teacher. Her heart's desire for "The Pearl!" is for this house to be a house of prayer and worship, as well as a place of creativity and birthing through the arts, music, and the Word.


Pearl Chapel is to be His dwelling place.... to host His presence, and experience His love, compassion, mercy, and freedom. Roger and Roxanne are blessed to steward the vision and call of Pearl Chapel with their team as they proclaim the gospel and establish His kingdom as family.

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Neil & Lindsey Broere

Neil and Lindsey, with their four children, served as missionaries in Iraq for 5 years. In November, 2021 the Lord brought them back to America with the commissioning to "build My house in the land of your birth where My name will rest among My people." The Lord has given them vision to establish Pearl Chapel as a community in the Central Coast of California where the church is demonstrated as family.


The Broere's carry a heart for revival and believe the next great move of God will emphasize the revelation that God is family, God is building a family, and it is through the demonstration of church as family that the kingdom of heaven will be established on earth.

Neil and Lindsey believe that Jesus Christ IS the answer to every question the world is asking...and the family of God, gathered around the revelation of Jesus, IS the church that the world is longing to see. 

Neil and Lindsey are honored to serve as lead pastors of Pearl Chapel.


David & Sahar Brymer

David and Sahar joined the family at Pearl Chapel as worship and creative pastors in August of 2022. They met in the Middle East in the summer 2016, were married in the spring of 2018 in Armenia, and spent their first two years of marriage there serving the cross-cultural local church, leading worship, and working with youth. They moved to the Central Coast of California in November of 2020 and have made their home in Santa Maria. They also serve locally at the Healing Rooms, travel abroad to preach the gospel and lead worship with a specific focus and heart for California in this season.


David is an artist and has written songs sung around the world. He continues to write and produce music for himself and others as well as oversee his own record label. Sahar has a masters degree in Classical guitar performance and currently teaches guitar and piano at The Village Music Conservatory in Arroyo Grande.


David and Sahar love Jesus and are thankful to be planted in California serving alongside the family of believers gathering at Pearl Chapel!

Our Story 


 "For where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am among them" - Matthew 18:20 


  God's hand has been on this precious chapel- Pearl Chapel by the Sea. After two attempts to destroy the building, God intervened to save His house.  

 A mission-style chapel was built as Shell Beach United Methodist Church in the 1940's to accomodate a growing congregation. But in 2005, this little methodist chapel closed its doors. The chapel, the school house, Sunday school building and fellowship hall were all sold to a developer. In 2007, the chapel was literally spared from a wrecking ball, when it was saved for the first time by Shelley Malcom and Garin Sinclair. With care and love, they restored and remodeled it to host community events, weddings, and the congregation of At the Cross Ministries.  After 8 years, La Perla del Mar was up for sale again and facing possible demolition.  But God had other plans. He inspired a vision of a studio built like a chapel.

   The Lord gave us a vision and passion to bring artists and musicians together to paint, prophesy, teach and pray; to build a studio-like chapel that would host God's presence. ... an open heaven for creativity and the living word. It was to be a gathering place for the creative arts, worship, prayer, healing, training, equipping and reaching the lost and broken. 

 It started with a sketch, but we soon realized building it would take too long.  So the search began.. to see if a little church was for sale.

To our surprise and delight,  a match  "made in heaven" was discovered~La Perla del Mar. We were unable to go in and see it, but we just happened to run into the owner walking her dog, while in front of the chapel.  A divine appoint, that after sharing our hearts, led us to all join hands and pray in the street!  We  rejoiced and thanked God for saving the chapel once again. According to Shelley, it was about to be converted to a house or torn down again.  But because of our prayers, a calling and a sketch, the Lord intervened and blessed our ministry,  Freedom Crusade, with Pearl Chapel by the Sea.   And in turn, we want to bless Our Lord and others.

   The vision for this precious pearl is to make it His house again... His dwelling place.  A house of prayer to be filled with His presence.  A place to serve through the arts, worship, prayer, and the Living Word~ Jesus!

   Thank you Father for blessing and providing, Holy Spirit for leading us in wisdom and revelation, and Jesus for interceding and being the Truth, Life and Light.